You in the world are doing the big misapprehension!
Access to Kyoto in Japan is Narita International Airport?
Haneda Airport?
It is Kansai International Airport
in Kyoto most the neighborhood and that it can go at a low price!!

The travel to Kyoto cheap from Japan Kansai Airport

the top where Kansai Airport is the nearest airport from Kyoto, and access is convenient -- I am easy -- it can go to Kyoto by a fare. From this autumn, entry of LCC is started most early in Japan, and the motion will spread also to U.S. Europe from now on. Now, isn't a Kyoto trip taken profitably from Kansai International Airport? This site helps that means of transportation.


The column, the opinion, and criticism about Japan.Present Japan is hopeless.

Japanese people are well admired about manners from overseas media.
But, is Bushido really valid?

Although Japanese people are immediately elated by it, can it be said sure enough by it that humanity is wonderful?

An answer is "no."

I think that he would like to send a real Japanese's merit, and Japanese badness to the world as a Japanese.



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This Month Kyoto News (November 2012)

[Mar.1,2012 ~ Dec.29,2012]

The Arashiyama truck train operates.

[Sep.20,2012 ~ Nov.25, 2012]

The exhibition of a famous treasure in Higashi-ji.

[Oct.1,2012 ~ Dec.10,2012]

Autumn sees specially of beautiful girdens in Rurikoin.

Three girdens are appreciated in Rurikoin.

[Oct.6,2012 ~ Dec.2,2012]

Autumn sees specially in Ginkaku-ji.


[Nov.3,2012 ~ Nov. 25,2012]

The Momiji Festival in Hieizan.


[Nov.10,2012 ~ Jan.20,2013]

Construction 400-year commemoration of Nijo Castle.

Nijo Castle

[Nov.17, 2012 ~ Dec.2.2012]

Autumn sees specially of girden in Kiyomizu Temple.

The Josyuin in Kiyomizu Temple.


Mass for the dead of a brush.



The Momiji Festival in Choraku-ji



The ceremony which wears armor.

Kamigamo shrine

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